March 20, 2018

This month we talk with Graeme Hackland, Chief Information Officer of Williams Martini Racing, about our partnership and why it’s important towards preparations for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. Qays Rasul, Assistant Project Manager for the Jubilee Northern Systems Upgrade, discusses his experience as a graduate and how it has fed into his current role. Plus, Victor runs through the financial results and faces an employee question. 14 mins



November 30, 2017

This month we talk about the Research & Technology Management Office (RTMO) with Jon Richards, Head of RTMO, and how they secure customer funding opportunities for R&T. Jane McCauley, Business Development and Capture Director, discusses the ’Think Customer campaign and why it’s so important towards the ways we work. Plus, Victor faces an employee question and we listen to some hilarious outtakes! 16 mins



October 18, 2017

This month we talk about the Supply Chain Transformation Programme with Amanda Cooper, Head of Supply Chain Interfaces, and how the programme will continue to affect employees. Lynne Watson, HR Director Thales UK, discusses ‘Thales Commitments’ – the company’s global vision and ambition for the future of its people. Plus, Victor faces an employee question about a recent change to the early careers strategy. 15 mins