July 24, 2017

This month we talk about Thales UK's cyber-based services with Pete Hoddinott, Operations Director for Thales Cyber & Consulting, and what the main challenges are for businesses in protecting themselves. Steve Murray, VP Strategy & Marketing, goes through the Strategic Business Plan, a proposal detailing how Thales UK intends to grow over the next five years. Plus, Victor provides an update around the sea trials of HMS Queen Elizabeth. 17 mins



June 21, 2017

This month we talk about the reservist community at Thales UK with Nicholas Moylan, a reservist and Systems Engineer for ISR, and how the reservists are benefitting the company. Also, Nigel Baldwin, Smart Working Project Manager, explains what Smart Working is exactly and how it will affect people. Plus, an employee question about project overspend. 14 mins



May 19, 2017

This month we talk about Cyber Security in the rail industry with Alzbeta Helienek, Lead Systems Engineer. Also, Samantha Madeiros and Sarah Rudder join Dom and Victor to talk about Mental Health. Plus, a colleague question from Reading about Gainshare17 mins