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March 22, 2017

There are three main ways to receive The Big Chat on your PC, tablet or mobile:

1. By using this site (best for PC or tablet with an internet connection). This has the benefits of allowing you to view pictures from the show, download programmes, search topics, contact us and recommend episodes to colleagues.

2.  By adding the show to iTunes or similar software on your PC. Episodes can be downloaded automatically and synced across your devices - click here for more information.

3. By using a podcatcher app (best for mobile or portable device). Episodes will download automatically as they are released; you can listen where and when you like with or without an internet connection. Please add the show feed link into your subscription list.

Download new episodes automatically for consumption later (e.g. in the car or train)

If you prefer new episodes to download and be stored on your tablet or mobile as they are released, then there are easy ways to do this:

1. If you already have a preferred podcast app installed, then simply copy and paste this feed URL into your subscription list. The Big Chat is typically about 13MB so will download quickly.

2. If you are unfamiliar with how podcast apps work, then the PDF below illustrates how to set up The Big Chat on the free app "RSSRadio". There are many podcast apps for IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices that all work in a similar way, click here for examples. In each case, you will simply require the feed URL above to add the show to your subscription list. 

Happy listening!

The Big Chat team